Google Calendar

Enhance your Cloudstudios schedule by connecting to our Google Calendar integration. When connected your Google Calendar you will be able to sync both your calendars, block time from your Cloudstudios booking pages, and stay organized in one view. 



Connect your Google Calendar

Start integrating Google Calendar by heading to ‘Integrations’ and selecting ‘Google Calendar’




After you’ve selected Google Calendar, you will have the option to select which Google account you would like to sync with. Choose the account that you would like to sync with and there you have it! 



Automatically sync calendars

It’s easier than ever to keep track of what’s coming up on your schedule. With the GCal integration, all of your new events, appointments and meetings will sync between your Cloudstudios and Google calendars.

Stay organized with one view

We’ve updated the schedule view so that you can identify which time blocks were created in Google, and which were created in Cloudstudios.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Green labels = Cloudstudios, Blue labels = Google Calendar

No more double bookings

You’ll never be double booked again! All of your meeting times will transfer seamlessly from calendar to calendar, meaning your clients will never be able to schedule a time that is already booked in either of your calendars

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