Uploading your video content to Youtube

It's easy to start selling your videos fast when you combine Youtube with our Cloudstudios Integration capabilities! In this article, we will cover how to upload videos to your Youtube channel and then seamlessly into your Cloudstudios account. 

Adding videos to your Youtube Channel

Either using an existing or new Youtube channel, you can begin by going to the "Upload Video" option in your Youtube account.


You can then begin to upload your pre-recorded content by selecting the files from your computer. 


Next, add a title, description, and thumbnail for the videos you are uploading (this information will transfer over to Cloudstudios as well!)


Lastly, set visibility to 'Unlisted'. We recommend using the ‘Unlisted’ setting on Youtube for your videos. When you ‘Unlist’ a video, it becomes hidden on your Youtube channel and your clients will only be able to access it through your Cloudstudios videos page and client account. It is free to have a youtube account for your videos.


And there you have it! Head over to our Youtube Article for next steps on uploading videos from Youtube channel directly into Cloudstudios video libraries. 

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