Our Youtube integration allows you to seamlessly upload videos directly from your Youtube channel into your Cloudstudios video libraries. Use this integration to create video libraries in a flash! 

Connect your Youtube

Start integrating Youtube by heading to ‘Integrations’ and selecting ‘Youtube’. Screen_Shot_2022-08-19_at_10.36.51_AM.png

After you've selected Youtube, you can connect directly to your existing Youtube channel. It's as easy as that! Now that you're all set, head over to Videos to begin setting up your libraries. 

Creating Video Libraries with the Youtube Integration 

A video library is a sellable section on your videos page that allows you to offer a collection of videos to your clients. Create one or multiple video libraries depending on how you organise your pre-recorded content. I.e create one video library for “yoga” videos and another for “pilates” videos, and another library for your cooking videos! 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You can price each library separately, and distribute them independently of each other. You can send one client, one video library and another client another library.

Start creating your videos page by heading over to Create New → Videos in your dashboard.

Once you've created your video library, easily populate the videos into the library by using the "Add from Youtube" option. 


Next, select the videos from your Youtube channel that you would like to add into this library (they will appear from most recent to least recent). 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: If the video is already in the library it will not appear in the uploader tool.


Then click save and you're ready to go! If you would like to edit any of the video titles, descriptions, or thumbnails, you can click into an individual video to make changes.


For more information on videos -> check out THIS ARTICLE.




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