With Cloudstudios, you have flexibility on whether or not you’d like to enable a homepage.

A homepage section allows you to design a “blank canvas” with customised text, images, buttons, and links to different pages or websites. You can think of the Homepage section as your alternative “website” landing page.

Pilates Potatoes Club, London, UK

To create a homepage, head to Create New → then select Homepage.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: If you create a homepage and need to turn it off later, select a new landing page for clients to first visit with your URL by heading to Settings Landing page

Banner Image

The banner image section allows you to add an image to be at the top of your homepage or all of your site pages. Upload a banner by adding an image and include optional title and paragraph text to overlay on the banner if you would like.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You can upload a (PNG, JPG, 200KB). Try to pick an image that is wider (1400 for best results) and horizontal so that it fits correctly! 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Use the “Show banner on all pages” checkbox to switch on and off the banner image between your landing page and other pages. 


When using the Cloudstudios homepage feature, you have the flexibility to choose which pages or external sites you want to connect your clients to from this page. Use this feature to create designed sections that redirect to your Cloudstudios pages, website, social media page, or anywhere across the web. 

You can start by selecting “Create new section” and adding:

  • A title 
  • Image 
  • Paragraph text 
  • Link to (add a URL) 
  • Button text

:cloud: Cloud Tip: All section fields are optional. Get creative and customise different fields to create a unique homepage experience 


Choose between stacked and side by layout options depending on your style!


You can discover more ways to customise your Cloudstudios experience by reading our "Configuring your Pages" article next!





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