Design and Configuration

Use our design tab to bring your checkout experiences to life! In this article, we will dive deeper into configuring your pages and designing your selling experience. You can access the design tab from the top bar of your dashboard. 



Add your brand DNA to your Cloudstudios pages by uploading your favourite colours, logo, and social media handles. Be creative with your custom hex colours, or stick to the palette, it's entirely up to you!

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Need help finding the perfect colour combinations? Check out some advice from Canva [HERE]. 

When uploading a logo, use the 'cropping tool' to find the perfect image size for your page.



Navigation Bar: 

When getting started with Cloudstudios, your navigation bar is on by default. Some businesses may decide to turn the 'Nav Bar' off, as it allows you to sell your individual services independently of each other, your clients will not be able to navigate to other services you’re selling.  

Having the 'Nav Bar' on, allows your customers navigate from one thing you’re selling to another. Select ‘show’ for the pages you’re looking to display together in the Nav Bar, and customise the title of each section. For example, you can list your ‘Events’, ‘Videos’, and ‘Appointments’ in your 'Nav Bar'.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You will have to create your first service for this to display under 'Navigation"



You can combine pages in your 'Nav Bar' however you would like! If you exclude pages from your navigation bar, you still have the ability to copy link and share the page directly with your clients.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Get creative by changing the default names of your page sections. For example, edit ’events’ to be titled ‘my upcoming schedule’

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange the order of your navigation bar

Looking for more inspiration on configuring your Cloudstudios pages!? Check out the Cloudstudios Instagram to see how businesses all over the world are using the platform. 

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