Your clients experience

No more redirecting your customers to off-brand and archaic checkouts. Add confidence to your clients purchase experience by keeping it simple and on-brand with your business. Provide an experience your clients’ will love with simple checkouts, personalised accounts, and automated emails. 

The Perfect Purchase Experience

On-brand, professional, easy to understand booking and checkout pages live behind each of the links that you share with your clients.

Booking page. A unique page with all of the details and booking options of what you are selling.

Image above: This page link shows options for your customer to buy a drop-in appointment, with the option of buying a package of appointments in bulk.

Checkout page. Your clients can complete their payments with a credit card securely and quickly.

Post-Purchase Experience:

Provide your clients with the communication and information they need when they checkout. After your client completes a purchase, they will automatically be sent a confirmation email with the details of what they purchased, AND, their purchase details will be stored in their client account so they can always return to the page and easily access and manage their purchases.

Your Clients Account:

Your clients can ‘sign up, or sign in’ to your business in the top right of your page links to see all purchases, track billing, and update their personal information and credit card details.

For purchases of appointments, videos, subscriptions, and packages, your clients' will be required to create an account with your business to checkout. This allows them to store and access information of what they purchased in their client account.

Guest Checkouts:

For events, your clients have the ability to make purchases without an account via ‘Guest Checkout’ or sign in/ sign up to your business to store event details in their client account. 


See the Guest Checkouts article for more details!

Automated Emails 

Upon every sign up, purchase, and 30 minutes before your live events, emails are automatically sent on your behalf.


Image above shows the client's event confirmation email template [ONLINE VIA ZOOM]

See the Automated Emails article for more details!

Cloud Tip: Manage your automated email notifications in your 'Resources' section

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