How to start selling in 5 minutes


We built Cloudstudios for speed and simplicity! Cloudstudios streamlines the purchase experience for your clients, making selling and client management easy. Create a link for everything that you sell, and share it with your customers, wherever they are.

If you’re ready to start selling, then this guide is for you! Follow along for a detailed walkthrough on how to get set up and selling within 5 minutes. 

(1) Create New and Design

Create New

Choose what you would like to start selling by going to 'Create New' and choosing from any one of the Cloudstudios Sell features: 

Events | Appointments | Videos | Subscriptions | Packages

Once you’ve selected a feature that you want to sell, create your service and launch a purchase page that you will share with your customers! After clicking ‘save’, head back to the Sell tab - you’ll see the service card. 

  1. Click on ‘View page’ anywhere in your dash to experience what your clients will see.
  2. Click ‘View all’ to manage individual services that you are selling.
  3. Click ‘Copy link’ to easily start distributing and selling your purchase pages.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Launch your first service, Save it, Click ‘View Page’, and share it with your customer to purchase. Voila! You're in business! 


Add your brand DNA to your Cloudstudios pages by uploading your favourite colours, logo, and social media handles. Be creative with your custom hex colours, or stick to the palette, it's entirely up to you!

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Need help finding the perfect colour combinations? Check out some advice from Canva [HERE]. 

When uploading a logo, use the 'cropping tool' to find the perfect image size for your page.


Navigation Bar: 

When getting started with Cloudstudios, your navigation bar is on by default. Some businesses may decide to turn the 'Nav Bar' off, as it allows you to sell your individual services independently of each other, your clients will not be able to navigate to other services you’re selling.  

Having the 'Nav Bar' on, allows your customers navigate from one thing you’re selling to another. Select ‘show’ for the pages you’re looking to display together in the Nav Bar, and customise the title of each section. For example, you can list your ‘Events’, ‘Videos’, and ‘Appointments’ in your 'Nav Bar'.


(2) Connect Stripe

Connect Stripe directly to your bank account to start accepting credit card payments from your clients.

Stripe is the world's most powerful payment processor at your fingertips. Before you start selling, you must connect or create a new Stripe account to start accepting payments with Cloudstudios. When your clients pay you with their credit card, Stripe’s merchant processing accepts the payment and directs funds to your bank account. 

Go to Integrations →  Stripe and follow the flow to connect your bank account.

Stripe Secure Payments: Stripe is secure so your clients won't ever see your bank account information. Cloudstudios does not have access to your bank information, and your clients have full credit card security and privacy measures in place with each and every transaction. Learn more at

(3) Copy link, paste, sell.

We’re redefining the way that you sell, in the simplest way possible. Each service that you create will have a unique URL that you can copy and paste into any or all of your communication channels. Easily power the links in your link in bio, website, social channels, emails, and texts with anything that you are selling.

Copy link. A “Copy link” button lives in different sections of your dashboard. Copy the link to lead your customers exactly where you’d like them to go.

Paste. Paste the copied links anywhere that you communicate with your clients. Links can be shared directly in your link in bio, website, newsletters, social content, or even sent directly to your clients in text messages!

Sell. Your shareable links lead customers right to a secure credit card checkout. Shorten your customer’s journey with a clear two-step purchase experience.

And there you have it! Interested in learning more about how your clients purchase experience? Read more about 'Your clients experience' next.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Interested in more ways to configure your pages and match your brand aesthetic? Check out your Design Tab and Settings Tab in the top bar of your dashboard. 




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