April 20, 2022 Product Release Notes [New Cloudstudios Experience]



Product update V1.3

We’ve been listening to all of the feedback and working behind the scenes on updating the product to provide you the best purchase experience with your clients. We're excited to share Cloudstudios Sell with you.

There are a lot of amazing updates, and our team's main priority is to get you comfortable as quickly as possible. We'd love to show you around! 
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Hope you enjoy the updates!

(1) A brand new dashboard look and feel

Things will look a little different when you log in for the first time, but no stress, all of your pre-existing settings will carry over. Here's what's new:

  • Top navigation bar. All of the important sections of your dashboard now live in the top two navigation bars.

  • "Sell" section. Introducing a new way to sell all of your services. Quickly launch, manage, edit and share anything that you are selling. Click the ‘create new’ button at any point to add a new service.

  • Fresh aesthetic. Your Cloudstudios pages got an upgrade! Click on 'view page' anywhere in your dashboard to check out a more modern design for just about everything.


(2) Copy link, paste, sell

We’re redefining the way that you sell, in the simplest way possible. Each service that you create will have a unique URL that you can copy and paste into any or all of your communication channels.

  • Copy link. A new ‘copy link’ button lives in different sections of your dashboard. Copy the link to lead your customers exactly where you’d like them to go.
  • Paste. Paste the copied links anywhere that you communicate with your clients. Links can be shared directly in your link in bio, website, newsletters, social content, or even sent directly to your clients in text messages!

  • Sell. Your shareable links lead customers to a unique booking page with all of the details of exactly what you’re selling. Shorten your customer’s journey with a clear two-step purchase experience. 

(3) Homepage & Navigation bar

  • Optional navigation bar. The settings section allows you to configure your Cloudstudios pages any way you would like. That means, you now have the ability to manage your navigation bar and how you connect your Cloudstudios pages. Or, choose not to have a navigation bar, and send your clients to specific pages by copying and sharing specific booking page links.
  • Turn off your homepage. You now have flexibility on whether or not you’d like to host a homepage with Cloudstudios. Select a new landing page (i.e. events, appointments, videos, subscriptions, packages) to point your clients to when they arrive at your main URL. Head to Settings → Landing page. 

  • Don’t want to tie all of your services into one page? No problem. Now, everything you create has its own purchase details page and can be sold independently of any other service that you offer.

    *Note: Full website capabilities are still available! Now you have the additional flexibility to sell services as stand-alone items.


(4) Packages updates

  • Get paid upfront, sell appointment packages. You now have the ability to sell appointment packs. That means, your clients have the option to buy a bundle of appointments rather than being restricted to just a one-off purchase. Track how many credits your customers have remaining, and easily sell a package to them again and again.

  • Event packages. Packages can now be event-specific. That means, when you create a package, you can select which events the credits apply to. For example, your clients can purchase a bundle of credits that are only applicable to a specific series of events.


(5) Scheduling, online or offline

  • Appointment scheduling. You now have the ability to sell appointment drop-ins and packages without requiring your clients to choose a time slot. This option is perfect for businesses that prefer to sell to their customers now but schedule offline later. You can always toggle on to 'enable scheduling' and allow your clients to book directly through your Cloudstudios link.
  • Appointment multi-bookings. Your clients can now easily select and book multiple times from your appointments schedule at once.
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