What you need to know about Appointments

Build your 1-to-1 business on Cloudstudios

Appointments introduce a whole new way to interact with your clients! Set your availability, block off time slots, schedule appointments, and build your 1-to-1 business using Cloudstudios.


Creating appointments on your site

Let's start by creating your appointment types! Head to the Website section in your dashboard to find the Appointments feature.

     💡 Note: You'll be directed to the Scheduled tab at first.

We'll start in the My Services tab to create the type of appointment you're looking to offer:


  • Select Add New Service

Add your appointment details, like:

  • General Information: Choose a name for your appointment and add a description.

  • Duration: Set the length of this type of appointment.

  • Availability Period: Create a start date and end date that you would like for your appointment to be available.

  • Start Time Increments: Set the frequency of available time slots for your customers,  controlling how often you'd like this appointment to appear on your schedule.

  • Pricing: Choose a price type (Fixed, Sliding Scale, or Free) for this appointment type & select how you wish to sell it.*

  • Availability: Select the days of the week that your appointment is going to be available. You have the ability to segment unique available time slots within any given day.


  • Online or In-Person: Choose where your appointment is going to take place. By selecting online your zoom integration will automatically generate a zoom link for the appointment; By selecting In-Person you will be prompted to add the location of your appointment and the address.

* Appointments are only compatible with the Drop-In pricing option.

Once you've created an appointment type, head over to your webpage to see what it looks like on your site!

Your clients can view and book your available appointments on your website.

The booking flow is as follows, clients will:

  • (1) Select the type of service they're looking for.Group_693_3x.png

  • (2) Select an available time slot from your given availability.Group_694_3x.png

  • (3) Checkout!

Other important things to know

  1. When clients book appointments they, and you, will receive automated emails confirming their booking.

  2. Need to cancel an appointment? Head over to the Scheduled tab, select the appointment you want to modify then use the right side toggles. Voila ✨


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