Our Appointments feature will help you unlock a faster and easier way to sell and manage your one-to-one appointments with your clients. With ‘Appointments’ you can set up and sell your appointment services as unique URL booking links. Simply distribute your appointment booking link wherever you’re selling, and your client can choose from the purchase options that you’ve made available. For example, you can text your booking link directly to your client and they can purchase it immediately with their credit card!

You can choose to manage your scheduling online (through your Cloudstudios link), or schedule manually offline, and easily keep track of your clients’ purchases and remaining credits if you’re selling ‘Appointment Packages’. 

With the Appointments feature you can set your ‘single purchase price’ for the appointment, and/or create ‘Appointment Packages’ to sell in bulk to your clients. Tracking your clients' usage of their packages is simple in the Cloudstudios Customers Tab so you never lose track of how many sessions they have remaining.

Ready to get started? We've made it as easy as possible to get your appointments up and running in no time! 

Creating Appointments

Head over to 'Create New' → 'Appointments' in your dashboard to set up and sell your events!


With each appointment you can set your ‘single purchase’ (drop-in) price. If you sell your appointments in packages, you can create a package price and value (number of credits/appointments). Setting your purchase options will populate the choices that your clients have to choose from on your Appointments ‘booking page’.

Start by configuring the following options:

  • Single purchase: Set either a fixed price, pay what you can, or free entry [free appointments are great for booking consultations!]
  • Create package: Select packages, and add the title, price and number of credits available.

:cloud:Cloud Tip: provide incentive to your clients to buy a package by creating added value for making the purchase up front. For example, if your appointment is $100/session, sell 10 appointments for $800. They save 20%, and you make your $800 now.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: you can always add your appointment service to a package at a later date

Appointment Details:

Add in your appointment details. Your clients will see all of these details on your ‘purchase page’ that you share with them.

  • General Information: Name and description
  • Duration: Set the session length for this type of appointment.
  • Location: Choose where your appointment is going to take place. By selecting online you'll be asked to enter your Zoom Personal ID meeting link and set a password here; By selecting In-Person you will be prompted to add the location of your appointment and the address.

If you’re looking to sell your appointment, and manage your scheduling manually (offline), you’re ready to click save. Copy your new page link, and start sharing it with your clients!

Managing client’s credits if they buy a package

With scheduling toggled OFF (scheduling offline) managing credits is simple.

  1. Simply go to the ‘Customers’ tab in your dashboard, 
  2. Select your client who you’re scheduling with
  3. Click ‘Manage’ on the appointment package
  4. Reduce the number of credits on file.

With scheduling toggled ON, your clients appointment credits on file are automatically deducted when they schedule a time with you (read more about the scheduling tool below).

:cloud:  Cloud Tip:  If you enable scheduling, your client can buy, and schedule from you in the same unique link that you sent them. 

Interested in learning more about managing your clients credits? Check out our Customers guide for more information.

Enabling Scheduling

When setting up your appointment, toggle scheduling ON to enable clients to book appointments directly from the same URL link that they purchased from. Enabling scheduling allows you to configure when you’re willing and available to be booked by your clients.

Set your availability:

  • Appointment Period: Create a start date and end date that you would like for your appointment to be available.
  • Buffer Time: Set a buffer time before and after appointments to create more time between meetings.
  • Notice Window: Set a minimum timeframe to book an appointment to avoid last minute bookings and help you manage your schedule.
  • Start Time Increments: Set the frequency of available time slots for your customers,  controlling how often you'd like this appointment to appear on your schedule.
  • Availability: Select the days of the week that your appointment is going to be available. You have the ability to segment unique available time slots within any given day.

Seamless Client Booking, Scheduling, and Tracking

The Cloudstudios system recognizes if your clients have purchased an appointment or appointment package. Your clients will be able to schedule from your available time slots through your ‘booking page’ if they have available credits to that appointment in their account (clients must be signed-in for the system to recognize credits in their account).

If they do not have any credits in their account, or none remaining, they will not be able to view the scheduling page and instead the link will revert to the appointment purchase page (see image below).


Upon purchase, both you and your client will receive automated emails confirming the appointment purchase. If scheduling is enabled, you and your client will both receive email communications confirming the appointment timeslot. You will also be able to manage the upcoming appointment through your ‘Schedule’ tool in the dashboard.

Your clients will also have the ability to see the appointments they have purchased, how many credits they have on file, book appointments, and view their upcoming scheduling in their client account.

Interested in learning more about customer management. Here are some more helpful resources: 

  • Customers 
  • Schedule 
  • Resources

Sharing Appointments

Once you’ve created your appointment service and saved it, simply click ‘Copy Link’ and share it with your clients via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Don’t forget to check out our  Copy link, paste, sell guide for more information on sharing services. 

Sharing single appointment services:

 Copy links to unique appointment service booking pages by: 

  • Selecting ‘Manage Appointments’ on your events card in your dashboard
  • Find the appointment you’re looking to share and ‘Copy Link’ 
  • Share that link wherever you’re promoting your appointment service via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio!

Sharing your entire appointment services page: 

Looking to share your entire list of available appointment services? Your clients can select an appointment that they are interested in from your appointments list.

  • Select ‘Copy Link’ directly from your appointments card in your dashboard

Cancelling Appointments

Need to cancel an appointment? Sure thing! Easily cancel your appointment and notify your client. Here’s how:

  • Head over to View all Appointments
  • Click on the appointment you want to cancel
  • Scroll down to the cancellation section. 

It is important to note that cancelling an appointment will NOT automatically refund your client. If you want to refund your client, you can do it by clicking into your ‘Customers’ tab. You can learn more about how to refund your clients in our Customers help centre article.

After cancelling an appointment, you and your client will receive an email notification of the cancellation with the ‘reason’ that was entered. 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: your clients also have the ability to cancel an appointment from their client portal

Managing your schedule

To manage your appointment schedule select the ‘Schedule’ tab and select ‘appointments’ to view a list of all your upcoming scheduled appointments. Click into an individual appointment to view the details:

  • Appointment details
  • Participant information
  • Date and time booked
  • The ability cancel the appointment

If you ever need to edit, cancel or delete an appointment, you can by clicking on the icons in the top right of your screen.

:cloud:Cloud Tip:Cancelling an appointment will not automatically refund the client. Read more about refunds in our Customers guide

Google Calendar Integration

Enhance your Cloudstudios schedule by connecting to our Google Calendar integration. When connected your Google Calendar you will be able to sync both your calendars, block time from your Cloudstudios booking pages, and stay organized in one view. 



Connect your Google Calendar

Start integrating Google Calendar by heading to ‘Integrations’ and selecting ‘Google Calendar’




After you’ve selected Google Calendar, you will have the option to select which Google account you would like to sync with. Choose the account that you would like to sync with and there you have it! 



Automatically sync calendars

It’s easier than ever to keep track of what’s coming up on your schedule. With the GCal integration, all of your new events, appointments and meetings will sync between your Cloudstudios and Google calendars.

Stay organized with one view

We’ve updated the schedule view so that you can identify which time blocks were created in Google, and which were created in Cloudstudios.

:cloud:Cloud Tip: Green labels = Cloudstudios, Blue labels = Google Calendar

No more double bookings

You’ll never be double booked again! All of your meeting times will transfer seamlessly from calendar to calendar, meaning your clients will never be able to schedule a time that is already booked in either of your calendars


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