Connecting your banking

It's time to start earning! 💸 Cloudstudios integrates with Stripe to securely process your payments. So, let’s set up on Stripe!

⚡️ p.s if you already have an account, that's great! You will be able to connect it to Cloudstudios

*The following steps are based on a business located in Canada. This process may vary based on your location.

Connect your Banking

Start earning by clicking on IntegrationsStripe → Connect




Input your email address or If you have an existing Stripe account, use the same email and you’ll automatically be connected.




Once your account is created, you’ll have to verify your account by using the code sent to your mobile device. Now begin adding your business information (Registered Business Address & Type of business) 



You can then fill in some professional details, including: 

Industry: For many of our users this falls under ‘Personal Services’ -> ‘Health and Wellness coaching’ 

Business website: Use your existing website, Cloudstudios URL, or even your IG handle (This can always be changed later!).



Have your Transit Number, Institution Number & Account Number handy to connect your banking!





Head to the next step to add your statement descriptor: 

Choose a recognizable statement description and shortened description in order to avoid potential chargebacks. Next, input a customer support phone number so that your customers can contact you. 



✅ your details and you're all set. You can go back into the Integrations tab in your dashboard and look for the successfully configured icon to ensure you’re all set up and ready to go.

Now sit back and watch the money hit your bank account 💸 💸 💸

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