The customers tab offers you the ability to manage your client list, view customer purchase histories, guest event transactions, and process client actions (i.e cancel subscriptions, refund customers) all from one place. From this section, you are also able to import customers and send invites to invite them to sign up for your business. In the overview section, you can toggle between your client accounts (anyone who has completed creating an account with your business) and guest transactions (event purchases made using the guest checkout option). 



Client Accounts

Here you can view a master list of your client base. In this list view you’re able to see the names, emails, total spent, and date joined. By clicking into an specific customer on the list, you are able to access a more detailed view of the clients information, active subscriptions and packages, and  purchase history. 


:cloud:Cloud Tip: Use the 'refund' symbol on purchase line items to easily refund your clients 

:cloud:Cloud Tip: Use the 'manage' button beside 'credit' line items to add or deduct credits 

Guest Transactions

Use this tab to view a list of all guest transactions for event checkouts processed through your page. As you may know, for events, your clients have the ability to make purchases without an account via ‘Guest Checkout’ or sign in/ sign up to your business to store event details in their client account. 


:cloud:Cloud Tip: A guest transaction will not create a client account for that customer

Importing and Inviting Customers

The 'Import Customers' tool allows you to easily upload customer information and send invitations to these clients to sign up to your business page. You can either input your client information manually or upload multiple clients at once using the 'Add from CSV' button.



If you leave the 'Send invite email to each customer' checkbox marked, your clients will receive an email to easily sign up for your business.






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