Head over to the 'Referrals' section in your dashboard and start spreading the love! Earn $100 CAD for every successful referral (once they earn their first $100). It’s easy - share your code in two different ways:

Refer from your dashboard

  • Add email addresses in the Refer Cloudstudios section, then click Send invite. 
  • You'll be notified when someone signs up!

💡 Note: If you're inviting multiple people, make sure to add a comma in between email addresses

Copy and paste your link

  • Click Copy link under Your referral link to start sending referrals.

  • You can share it in emails, WhatsApp, DMs, text messages, in your link in bio, or wherever else you want :)

✨ Today is the first day of the rest of your life and it could be your friends' too ✨





What is a referral? A referral converts when a person makes their first $100 using Cloudstudios

How do I get paid? Payments will be sent by PayPal

What currency am I paid out in? We are a Canadian company with a global community. All payouts are in Canadian dollars CAD and will convert to your currency based on the exchange rate.

When do I get paid? Payments will occur once monthly

What does the recipient receive when I invite them to join Cloudstudios: 

  1. They receive an email saying they’ve been invited to try Cloudstudios!

  2. Click Get started

  3. They’ll arrive at a sign up page where they can sign up if they’re ready to get started or book a demo with a member of our team to learn more!

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