Automated Emails

Automated Emails 

Our email automation feature was built to save you time! Automated emails are sent to your customers upon signup or for any transaction that has taken place on your page


Here's what we send: 

(1)Event signup confirmation - Sent immediately after an event purchase



(2) Event reminder - Sent 30 minutes before the event


(3) Video library purchase confirmation - Sent immediately after purchase. Reminder that your customers can only view videos within their customer account. 


(4) Subscription purchase confirmation - Sent immediately after purchase


You can also view your automated emails by heading over to Resources then clicking Automated emails

💡Note: Class purchased and class reminder emails will include your integrated Zoom link so your clients can easily access your event


Business notifications

You can expect to receive email notifications as your customers make transactions or sign up to your business. These emails include:

  • When you sign up or request to learn more about Cloudstudios 

  • When a customer makes a purchase on your page

  • When a subscribed customer makes a single class purchase on your page

  • When a customer subscribes to your page

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