Use the resources tab to manage promo codes, waivers and disclaimers, and the automated emails your clients receive. 

Promo Codes 

Want to reward your loyal following? Attract new customers? Promote a new service? Use the promo codes feature to spice up your offerings! 

  • Start to offer discounts on your services by going to Resources 
  • Select Promo codes then Add new promo code
  • Add a promo code name (for example BFF100, SUMMER50)
  • Choose your discount value (percentages only)
  • Next, set the amount of times each promo code can be used. You can choose between single and unlimited use. 
  • Set an expiration date. If an expiry date is set, the code will automatically become inactive after the time period set. 
  • Select the services you want your promo code to apply to (i.e events)

💡Cloud Tip: A promo code can not be applied to a specific service (i.e ‘Monday Workshop’). It will be applied to all services within a section. 

Your clients will not be able to access your codes anywhere on the site. Once you’re done creating your promo code, promote and share them with your community to spread the word about the discount. 

Looking to see who’s been using your promo codes? Find out more about your customers purchase history in our Customer guide. 

Waivers & Disclaimers 

With our waivers and disclaimers feature, you have the option to upload three unique documents. Your clients must agree to these terms before making any transaction with your business. 

Start uploading your documents by heading over to  Resources Waivers & Disclaimers

Privacy Policy: A policy that describes the personal data that you may collect from your users, clients and customers and how it is stored and used by you.

Terms and Condition: A legally binding agreement between you and your users, clients and customers that sets out the rules and regulations that must be followed in order to access your services and offerings. You may set these rules and regulations.

Waiver & Disclaimer: This is an agreement outlining that your users, clients and customers surrender or waive certain rights and claims against you in order for them to use your services and offerings. Additionally, as a disclaimer, it may specify and set limitations on the scope rights and obligations of each party.

💡 Cloud Tip: Documents must be in PDF format and up to 10mb

Automated Emails 

Upon every sign up, purchase, and 30 minutes before your live events, emails are automatically sent on your behalf. Here are email triggers available: 

💡 Cloud Tip: Manage your automated email notifications in your Resources section

List of Automated Emails:

  • Sign up confirmation
  • Event registration confirmation
  • Event reminder (30 minute before)
  • Appointment booking confirmation
  • Appointment cancelation
  • Appointment reminder (30 minutes before
  • Purchase confirmation 
  • Refund confirmation
  • Subscription cancelation



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