Promo Codes

Promo codes

Want to reward your loyal following? Attract new customers? Promote a new service? Use the promo codes feature to spice up your offerings!

  • Start to offer discounts on your services by going to Resources 

  • Select Promo codes then Add new promo code

  • Add a promo code name (for example BFF100, SUMMER50)

  • Choose your discount value 

Next, set the number of times each promo code can be used. 

  • You can choose to have a promo code be multi-use or single-use by simply entering a number.

Set an expiration date, if you want to!

  • If an expiry date is set, the code will automatically become inactive after the time period set 




Select the services you want your promo code to apply to (like events, packages, subscriptions, and/or video libraries).


💡Note: A promo code can not be applied to a specific service (i.e ‘Sunday Yoga’). It will be applied to all services within a section. 


Your clients will not be able to access your codes anywhere on the site. Once you’re done creating your promo code, promote and share them with your community to spread the word about the discount. 

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