Designing your webpage

Designing your webpage

Looking to change up how your site looks? The appearance tab is your BFF! 💞 Want a new pic for your schedule? A GIF for your video section? It only takes a few clicks. 

  • Start designing your page by clicking on Website 

  • Go to the feature you want to design (About Me, Links, Events, Subscriptions, Packages, Videos)

  • Click on Appearance in the top toolbar

Fill in the empty fields to see your site come to life. Add a section image, heading, description, and button text. Voila!

💡 Note: Not sure what images to use? No stress! Images are optional. If you opt-out of having images on your site, the text and buttons will stack automatically.




Feeling extra creative? We’ve got you covered. Some tips from our marketing team:

  • Play around with your site layout by adding or removing certain section images

  • Let your personality ✨ shine ✨ through! Be creative with colors, or stick to a palette or theme, it's entirely up to you. The only thing you have to do is be you!

  • Let your clients understand who you are and what your business is. We know pictures are worth a thousand words, so let new clients ~ feel ~ your business ethos from the second they land on your page.

  • Desert tones? Bright and vibrant? Animations or real-life photos? Search around for what speaks to you and build a consistent theme for your website and business.

  • From Call-To-Action buttons to payment prompts, your primary theme color will align across your website for you!

Searching for more inspiration? Check out our moodboard → 

⚡️ p.s run your business from home, or on the go! Everything you design will be optimized for a perfect mobile experience for both you and your clients!

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