With on-demand video libraries, you can set different payment options for your different video libraries. Upload your pre-recorded video content to one or multiple video libraries and share them with your clients to access at any time. Take advantage of our Youtube integration to upload your videos in flash! 

With the Video Libraries tool you can:

  1. Distribute free videos to your clients. I.e Sharing a workout routine after your 1-1 session.
  2. Earn passive income by selling your content. Sell your classes, challenges, and programs with a paywall to view. - I.e $80, Get Summer Strong Challenge!, or $25 for 10 Vegan Cooking Recipes!
  3. Create a recurring income by attaching your video libraries to your subscriptions, and have content available whenever your clients are - selling Memberships to your content is a great way to build your revenue on an ongoing basis!

Creating Video Libraries 

A video library is a sellable section on your videos page that allows you to offer a collection of videos to your clients. Create one or multiple video libraries depending on how you organise your pre-recorded content. I.e create one video library for “yoga” videos and another for “pilates” videos, and another library for your cooking videos! 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You can price each library separately, and distribute them independently of each other. You can send one client, one video library and another client another library.

Start creating your videos page by heading over to Create New Videos in your dashboard.

Create flexible purchase options by selecting from the following options:

  • Single purchase: Set either a fixed price, pay what you can, or free entry (free video libraries are great way to provide potential clients with “teaser content” or what to expect in your other libraries) 
  • Add to subscription: Set as available to Subscription holders. Choose from one or multiple memberships

:cloud: Cloud Tip: you can always add your video libraries to a subscription at a later date

:cloud: Cloud Tip: you can select from multiple purchase options

Next, add in all of your video library details including

  • General Information: Name and description
  • Cover Image: Upload a ‘thumbnail’ image that will be displayed on your site (suggested size is 382 by 224 pixels)

  • Expiration Date: Choose an expiration date to set the amount of time your video library will be accessible to view for your client after their purchase (toggle on to enable or keep it toggled off if you don’t want your video library to expire). 

:cloud:  Cloud Tip: The video expiration date will not apply to video libraries accessible to a monthly recurring subscriber. You can add or remove video content on the go to your subscribers.

Uploading Videos

Once you’ve created a video library, you can begin to add your collection of videos. You can choose to add multiple videos at once, add more on the go, or just sell one video in the library. 

Uploading with Youtube

We recommend using our Youtube integration to upload videos from your channel seamlessly. Once you've connected to Youtube in the 'Integrations' tab, you can use the "Add from Youtube" option to easily populate videos in the library. 



Next, select the videos from your Youtube channel that you would like to add into this library (they will appear from most recent to least recent). 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: If the video is already in the library it will not appear in the uploader tool.


Then click save and you're ready to go! If you would like to edit any of the video titles, descriptions, or thumbnails, you can click into an individual video to make changes.


:cloud: Cloud Tip: Learn more about uploading videos on you Youtube in our "Uploading your video content to Youtube" article! 

Uploading Manually 

If you are using Vimeo or would like to add videos manually, you can use the 'Add new video' button. 

Next, add in your video details including: 

  • General Information: Name and description

  • Cover Image: Upload a ‘thumbnail’ image that will be displayed on your site (suggested size is 382 by 224 pixels)

  • Add Video Link: paste your video link from either your Youtube or Vimeo account (read more about our Youtube and Vimeo integrations below)

Cloudstudios does not store your videos. You must upload your videos into your Youtube or Vimeo account, set them to private links, and then paste the video link into your Cloudstudios library. When your clients purchase your video library and “pass the paywall” they can then watch your videos natively on your videos page that you shared with them without ever leaving.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Easily set a video thumbnail by taking a screenshot of one of the frames in your video. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the best tips for uploading Zoom recordings to your videos page, you can read more in our  Zoom article.

Sharing videos

Start sharing your video collection with the world! Simply click ‘Copy Link’ and share it with your clients via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Don’t forget to check out our  Copy link, paste, sell guide for more information on sharing services.

Copy links to specific video library pages by: 

  • Selecting ‘View all video libraries’ on the videos card in your Dashboard
  • Find the video library you’re looking to share and ‘copy link’ 
  • Share that link wherever you’re promoting your videos via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Youtube & Vimeo

Cloudstudios integrates seamlessly with Youtube & Vimeo to host your on-demand content. Not to worry - you can get started with a free account! Once you’ve uploaded your videos to either Youtube or Vimeo, all you need to do is copy and paste your video link to embed them into your Cloudstudios videos page. 


We recommend using the ‘Unlisted’ setting on Youtube for your videos. When you ‘Unlist’ a video, it becomes hidden on your Youtube channel and your clients will only be able to access it through your Cloudstudios videos page and client account. It is free to have a youtube account for your videos.

  1. Unlist your videos by signing in to your Youtube page and going to your ‘My Videos’ page 
  2. Select the video that you’d like to unlist then click the edit button to get to settings
  3. In the privacy section, you’ll see the option to mark your video as unlisted, private, or public
  4. Select unlisted

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You can also select ‘Unlisted’ when uploading new videos to Youtube


We recommend using the “Hide from Vimeo'' setting when embedding Vimeo videos to your Cloudstudios video page (requires a Vimeo plus account or higher). When you select ‘Specific subdomains’ on a video, it becomes hidden on your Vimeo channel and your clients will only be able to access it through your Cloudstudios videos page or client account. 

  1. Log into Vimeo and navigate to your Video Manager

  2. Click on a video to open the video edit page.

  3. On the right side, click Privacy.

  4. Find the Embed section at the bottom of the panel. 

  5. Choose -> Specific domains (Plus and higher): Add your website’s domain ( or subdomain ( in the text field that appears; be sure to click (+) to add it. You can specify and manage up to 50 domains where your video can be embedded.

 :cloud: Cloud Tip:You can also select ‘Hide from Vimeo’’ when uploading new videos to Vimeo

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