Create a recurring revenue business model by selling memberships with the subscriptions tool. With Subscriptions you can launch multiple different subscriptions, each with its own price and recurring billing period. It’s super easy to add content for your subscribers as you can easily attach videos and upcoming events to each of your subscriptions as you launch them. 

Creating New Subscriptions 

Create new subscription plans by heading over to Create New Subscriptions

  • General Information: Choose a name for your subscription and add a description
  • What is accessible: Add existing video libraries and/or upcoming events to your subscription. If you have no existing video libraries or upcoming events, you can always add them in later!

  • Pricing and Recurrence: Set your subscription price and how often your clients will be automatically charged? Choose between weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly (your clients will automatically be charged on the selected billing cadence unless they cancel their subscription).
  • Free Trial Period: Choose between 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days (your clients will be charged automatically after the selected free trial period. They are also able to cancel at anytime)

There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can create! Use the subscription feature to create multiple memberships and provide your clientele with tiered options.

Sharing Subscriptions

When you sell an event or video library that is attached to a subscription, your client will have the ability to ‘Select Purchase Option’. 

If they have not purchased a subscription, they will have the ability to select from the purchase options that you make available (ex. single purchase, or subscription purchase).

If they already are a subscriber they will be able to register for the event or view the video library by selecting the subscription that they own. This makes it super easy for your subscribers to access content on an ongoing basis. They can also see and access content that you attach to the subscription in their 'client account'.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: you can only add events and videos to a subscription plan. You cannot add appointments to a subscription.

If you’re looking to share an entire list of all the subscriptions you offer, you can direct your clients to a view of all your active memberships. 

  • Select ‘Copy Link’ directly from your packages card in your Dashboard
  • Share that link wherever you’re promoting your package deals via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Managing Subscriptions

You can manage your clients’ subscriptions from the ‘Customers’ tab in your dashboard. Your clients’ account in the customers tab will display all active and past subscriptions.

  • Simply go to the ‘Customers’ tab in your dashboard, 
  • Select the client who you’re looking for
  • View active and past subscriptions in the ‘subscription’ section

You can also see your list of subscribers in the Subscription details page by clicking View All Subscriptions -> Selecting the subscription. 

Interested in exploring everything there is to know about managing your customers? Learn more in our Customers article. 

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