Getting setup on Zoom

Cloudstudios uses Zoom for all event hosting purposes. You can choose to integrate your Zoom account with Cloudstudios to automatically create links for your events, or manually input the links yourself. Zoom settings will vary based on your business needs, but here are some Zoom setting tips to help you get started!

Integrate your Zoom account

Connect your Zoom account by going to Integrations →  Zoom -> Connect



Once you've clicked connect, begin to fill in the required information (email, password) and authorize your account in order to allow yourself to integrate with Cloudstudios



✅ Once you’re connected, you’ll see a Successfully integrated label in your dashboard next to the Zoom icon ✅



💡 Note: You will now have the option to generate a zoom link when creating an event. You can do this by toggling on Generate link in your events section. Events -> Create New -> Toggle on Auto generate Zoom link




Manually inputting your Zoom link when creating an event 

Don't want to integrate your Zoom account with Cloudstudios? No problem at all, manually input your link by following the steps below. Get started by clicking on Events →  Add New Event 

Input your event details and once you arrive at Event link and Passcode, input your Zoom link along with the passcode you have created for your class (passcodes are optional) 


Launching your event on Zoom

  • Open your Zoom app then click on Meetings 

  • Click on your upcoming meeting

  • Select the Start button to be launched into your event

P.S you can also go to Schedule or View All events to find your Zoom link for your upcoming event




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