Youtube & Vimeo

Youtube & Vimeo

Cloudstudios integrates seamlessly with Youtube & Vimeo to host on-demand video libraries. Not to worry - only a free account is required! Once you create an account with either of the video streaming services, all you need to do is copy and paste your video link into your dashboard.




🔑  Important Youtube & Vimeo privacy settings

Unlisting Your Video on Youtube

Why should I unlist my video on Youtube? When you unlist a video on Youtube, it becomes hidden on your Youtube channel and your clients will only be able to access it if they purchase your video on your Cloudstudios site. 

  • Unlist your videos by signing in to your Youtube page and going to your My Videos page 

  • Select the video that you’d like to unlist then click the edit button to get to the settings

  • In the privacy section, you’ll see the option to mark your video as unlisted, public, or private.

  • Select unlisted.

Setting your videos as private on Vimeo

Get started by heading over to Vimeo Video settingsSelect [Only people with private link]

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