Adding packages

Adding packages

Offering packages is a great way to offer deals to your customers! Packages allow you to sell multiple credits for your events at once and provide discounts to your loyal following for buying in bulk. Let the deal party begin! 

  • Head over to Website→  Packages 

  • Click on Add new package

  • Input your package details (title, description)

Under Number of credits, choose how many package credits you’re selling




💡 A few things to remember when creating a package:  

  • One package credit = one event

  • Each credit can be used towards any event that is listed on your site




How your clients use package credits 

Your clients can manage their credits from their client portals. That means it’s super easy for you to launch credits, and even easier for your clients to use them. 

  • All they need to do is go to their client portal and click My account 

  • Select Purchases

  • They’ll need to go into Packages to see their credits 

💡Note: Your clients can apply their package credits at checkout 

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