Every event you share with your clients is completely customizable. Sell one-to-many and let multiple clients book into your event. Share a single event that you’re promoting, or an entire upcoming class schedule. It’s entirely up to you, always. Bring your business to life by hosting events and classes (in-person or virtual!).

The Event section is primarily useful for people selling a one-off event, a class, or a series of classes - like a workshop, or a recurring schedule.

Creating events

Head over to 'Create New' → 'Events' in your dashboard to set up and sell your events!



Start by pricing your event! With each event you can set your drop in price (ticket price). If you sell Packages or Subscriptions, you can also attach each event to be accessible by package holders, or subscribers to your business.

Simply configure the following options:

  • Single purchase: Set either a fixed price, pay what you can, or free entry.
  • Add to subscription: Set as available to Subscription holders. Add to one or multiple memberships.
  • Add to package: Allow specific credits to be applied towards this event. Add to one or multiple Packages

If a client is not a 'package holder' or 'subscriber', they can choose to ‘single purchase’ (drop-in) the class, or choose to purchase a Package or Subscription to enter. They will be provided with the ability to ‘Select a purchase option’ on your purchase page.

Image above shows an 'Events Detail Page' 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: You can set your events to have one, two, or all three purchase options. For example, you can set an event to only be accessible to package holders, or only subscribers, and not have a drop in option.

:cloud: Cloud Tip: you can always add and edit event purchase options at a later date after launching the event.

Event Details:

Add in all of your event details including name, description, and host (if applicable) to create an event. Your clients will see all of these details on your 'Purchase Page' before booking.

Your service method information will indicate how you’re hosting your event, simply select from the following:

  • Service type: Choose if your event is happening online or in-person
      • Online: Toggle on the 'Zoom integration' or input your own link (from Zoom or Google Hangouts) with the associated passcode if applicable 
      • In Person: Input the event location detail
  • Spots available: Set a capacity for your event. This will limit the number of people who can buy your event. After the event is sold out, the purchase link will indicate ‘Sold out’ and will not allow another client to purchase.
  • Unlimited spots available: Toggle on ‘Unlimited spots available’ to open up the event to as many people as you can sell to, with no capacity limitations.

Event Scheduling: 

Add in all of your scheduling details. Set the date, start time and end time. The recurring events feature keeps your schedule up to date for events that recur on an ongoing basis. For example, Monday Morning Yoga, at 9am.

Select Recurrence and choose from:

  • Does not repeat
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every weekday (Monday to Friday)

There’s no limit to how many events you add to your schedule so don’t be shy!


:cloud: Cloud Tip: Click directly on the URL, or click ‘Copy’, in the Event details page in your dash to View Page link and start sharing!

Sharing events

Do you know what’s easier than creating an event? Sharing them! Once you’ve created your event and saved it, simply click ‘Copy Link’ and share it with your clients via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Sharing single events:

Have an upcoming event you're looking to promote? Copy links to unique event booking pages by: 

  • Selecting ‘Manage Events’ on your events card in your Dashboard
  • Find the event you’re looking to share and ‘Copy Link’ 
  • Share that link wherever you’re promoting your event via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

Sharing your entire event schedule:

Looking to share your entire upcoming event schedule with your client base? This is a great link for your clients to constantly view your most up to date timetable. 

  • Select ‘Copy Link’ directly from your events card in your Dashboard
  • Share that link wherever you’re promoting your upcoming events via text, email, newsletter, on your website and in your link-in-bio! 

:cloud: Cloud Tip: Don’t forget to check out our "Copy link, paste, sell" guide for more information on sharing services. 

Editing events

Made a mistake creating your event? We make editing easy! Start editing your events by heading over to your 'events card':

  • Select ‘Manage Events’ on your events card
  • Click on the event your looking to edit 
  • Find the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner.
  • Make sure you ‘Save’ after editing your event details.

Deleting events 

Need to remove an event from your schedule? Head over to the events card in your dashboard.

  • Select ‘Manage Events’ on your events card
  • Click on the check box on the left side of your event card
  • Click ‘Delete’ at the top of the event list
  • You can also find the ‘Delete’ button when clicking into the event card in the top right corner

Bulk Deleting Your Events

Need to remove multiple events from your schedule at once? 

  • Select ‘Manage Events’ on your events card
  • Select the checkbox beside any events that you want to delete 
  • Click ‘Delete’ at the top of the event list

:cloud: Cloud Tip: If you’ve already sold your event, make sure you notify or refund your clients before deleting - it is up to you to let your clients know.

Cancelling events

Need to cancel an event? Sure thing! Easily cancel your events and notify your clients. Here’s how:

  • Head over to View all Events
  • Click on the event you want to cancel
  • When you’re ready, click cancel in the top right corner 

Remember to let your customers know about the cancellation by: 

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the event, download your participants’ list 
  • Send an email notifying them of the cancellation 
  • Once you’ve informed your clients, feel free to cancel!
  • You can also click refund beside each of your participants names to refund them before you cancel.

You will have a record of the cancelled event in your dashboard

Interested in learning about how your clients interact with your events? Check out our "Your Clients Experience" article 


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