Creating your events

Creating your events

Every event you add to your schedule is completely customizable. Follow these steps to create your first event.

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Building an event

Bring your schedule to life by building your live events (in-person or virtual!). Head over to WebsiteEvents in your dashboard.

  • Click on Add new event to get started

  • Start inputting your event details by filling out the empty fields

Your service method information will determine how you’re running your event. Add details like:

  • Service type: Choose if your event is online or in-person

  • Virtual link: Toggle on the Zoom integration or input your own link (from Zoom or Google Hangouts) with the associated passcode

  • Spots available: Set a capacity for your event




Add in all of your scheduling details like date, start/end time, and recurrence. The recurring events feature keeps your schedule up to date! Select from:

  • Does not repeat

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Every weekday (Monday to Friday)




Sell in more ways! Choose how you want to segment your events:

  • Single purchase: Set either a fixed price, pay what you can, or free entry




  • Add to subscription & single purchase: Set as available to subscribers (unlimited views), and as a single purchase for non-subscribers. Then choose which subscription(s) you want to include it in.💡 Note: you can always add events to a subscription at a later date





  • Subscribers only: This will only be available to your subscribers. You can choose which subscription(s) you want to include it in.




Viola! Click Save to create your event.


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