Dashboard Masterclass 🚀

Welcome to your Dashboard Masterclass 🚀

Looking for the ins and outs of your Dashboard? Hey 👋 You’ve come to the right place.

We know that new things can sometimes feel, well, overwhelming. But, fear not! Cloudstudios is built to be simple and effective. Before we jump in - allow us to reintroduce ourselves. 

This is Cloudstudios. You’ve come to the right place to:

🚀  Launch

Cloudstudios was built for people with zero tech background. That means you can launch your webpage and run your entire business from here, in a matter of clicks. Customize your colors, add your logo then throw in some images.

… we're nodding in amazement already.

⚙️  Manage

Manage your entire business on your own. Stay organized, connect more easily with your clients, and accept payments from all around the globe. 

📈  Grow

Keep track of your business in one place: manage sessions, participants, and income. No more worrying about logistics = more free time to do what you love.

Dashboard ~ Masterclass ~ if you will!You’ll get a step-by-step guide through everything you need to get going. Enjoy!

(1)  Welcome ‘Home’

Introducing a brand new way to keep an eye on your business. The ‘Home’ tab in your dashboard allows you to view your upcoming events, track performance, see customer activity, and even launch new ones!


Click on ‘Upcoming Events’ to check out:

(2) Bet you didn’t know you already had a webpage! 

☁️ Note: Before we dive into what’s new, we worked super hard to make sure that all of your biz information from Cloudstudios (1.0) was transferred over to your new Cloudstudios 2.0. So, here it is! 

Click ‘View My Site’ (in the top right corner of your dashboard) to view what you’ve created. See! You’re already further along than you ever could have imagined 🤯

Creating something new? Here’s everything you need to know about setting up your webpage.


(3) New URL, who dis?! 

Your URL (website link) has now changed! Say hello yourbusinessname.cloudstudios.com (bye-bye cloudstudios.com/yourbusinessname). Don’t worry! We'll redirect anyone from your old URL to your new one and let your customers know where to find you. If you’re promoting on your social platforms, make sure to update your link in bio!

☁️ Note: Before you continue scrolling, we recommend reviewing your settings. This section includes important details like domain, time zone, tax and currency. You can review your business settings in your dashboard at ‘Website’ > ‘Settings’. 

(4) “I made this webpage just for you” - you to your clients  🌈

Your Webpage is how your clients interact with your business. Needless to say, it’s really important that you love what yours looks like! You can completely personalize your webpage in a few simple steps: 


Go to the ‘Website’ tab then scroll down to ‘Features’:

✅ ‘Toggle’ on to activate features on your website

⭐️️ ‘Star’ to ️add a feature to your Favorites’ bar

✨️ ‘Click’ to update the content in each section

💬 Upload your images and text for each section (see the ‘Appearance’ tab) 💬

🌈 Sprinkle in your brand DNA by going to ‘Website’ > ‘Appearance’ then uploading your logo and selecting brand colors

🎨 Click on ‘View My Site’ (in the top right corner of your dashboard) to see your progress as you create!

☁️ Cloudstudios tips:

  • Looking for easy access to specific sections? Use the ⭐️ to add a feature to your Favorites’ bar. This will populate the legend in the left side of your dashboard.
  • You don’t need every section to be visible to clients. Use the toggle button to show or hide features on your page.

(5) Master the new [Events] feature 🚀

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of the webpage builder (you’re killing it by the way 👏),  you’re ready to master the rest of the features:  

  • To add a new event go to ‘Website’ > ‘Events’ > ‘Add New Event’ 
  • Create a new event template or load from an existing one!
  • Limit class sizes or open up for everyone 

☁️ Cloudstudios tips: Check back into your Zoom settings to make sure you’re able to host the amount of people you want to. Here’s some extra info


Want to offer your clients different pricing options? Choose between the Sliding Scale (pay what you can) and fixed pricing options.


(6) Videos, Videos, and more Videos

If you’ve made it this far without seeing the new video format on your webpage you NEED to check it out. 🎬 Your video library is free to view for your website visitors unless you add it to your subscription settings.(Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Features’ > ‘Videos’ > ‘Add New Video’)

  • Upload your videos (Upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo first, then copy the link to our video uploader)
  • Add image thumbnails so clients can check out your collection

☁️  Cloudstudios tips: 

(7) Subscriptions and Class Packages 🧘‍♀️

You now have the option to include (or exclude) your video library in your subscription settings. This means, a client can unlock all-access to your events and your videos. Or, separate your video library and offer it for free.

A few reminders about Subscriptions and Class Packages:

  • Create package(s). Offer bundles of event credits.
    • Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Features’ > ‘Packages’

☁️ Cloudstudios tips:

  • You can only create one (1) monthly subscription at a time. 
  • You can, however, create multiple packages. Remember! Your clients will be able to use these credits for any type of class listed on your webpage regardless of the price of the event

(8) Other cool sections (Banner, Links, and About Me)

Explore your dashboard to find more ways to express yourself! Upload a Website Banner, tell your story in the About Me section, and connect the links you care about from around the internet!

Website banner: This is your hero section. Grab everyone’s attention with a cool image and call to action. 

Is a website banner mandatory? Toggle on or off your banner to change the look and feel of your website. 

About me: Share your story. Tell your audience all about you.

Links: Connect your customers to all the other places you love in just one click. 

(9) Performance 

Introducing...*Drum roll please*...the Performance tab! 📈 With Performance, you can see how your events, packages, and subscriptions are doing on a daily basis! Track the success of different event templates by seeing aggregate purchases and income over time.

Note: You check in on individual class performance by clicking on them from the ‘Event’ > ‘General’ section.

(10) Resources [Coming Soon]

Hang tight! The resources portal will be ready soon. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Email Automation Control
    • Setup email triggers that will automatically send to your customers as they engage with your business.
  • Promotion and Discount Codes
    • Offer discounts, trials and deals to your customers to attract new customers, drive loyalty and boost sales.
  • Waivers and Disclaimers 
    • Upload terms & conditions that your customers will agree to upon making purchases.

(11) Customers 

Welcome to your new and improved customer list feature! The 'customers’ section will provide you with more management capabilities such as: 

  • View your customers by name, total spend, and sign-up date.
  • Search and sort customers by name.

(12) Integrations

🤑 Check your Stripe connection

Your Stripe and bank account should already be set up! If you’re having any trouble with your stripe account, this help center article should help! 


If you’re not sure how to use Stripe, here are some guides: 

We can’t wait to watch your business grow! ✨ More questions? Visit our Help Center at any time for all the FAQs.

Lot’s of new integrations and features coming soon. Here are a few of them:

Google Calendar

Sync your calendar to your event schedule.


Automatically sync your customer lists to Mailchimp and send updates, emails, and newsletters.

(13) Marketing your page 

There are SO many ways to market your page. Stay tuned for a full guide on all things marketing. From our team to you 💘

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