Launch Your Events!


Launching events has never been easier! Here’s how to create your events in just a few clicks: 

  1. Go to ‘Website’ → ‘Events’
  2. Click on ‘Add New Event’
  3. Give your event a title, description, select fixed-price or sliding scale, and hit save. Tada!

Your events will immediately publish to your site and be available for your clients to purchase (click 'view my site' or just refresh your Cloudstudios site to see your creation ;))


What are recurring classes?

Recurring classes makes it easier to offer the same event on an ongoing basis. Easily schedule out your events without having to do all of the manual work!


Want to offer your clients different pricing options?

Choose between the sliding scale (pay what you can) and fixed pricing options for anything you offer.


Want to edit your events?

No problem at all! Simply click on the the event you are looking to modify and click 'Edit' in the top right corner. 


class1.gif.                     class2.gif.       



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