Everything you need to know about video libraries!

Launch your video-on-demand business. Sell individual videos, or libraries of content to your customers. A few how-tos to walk you through what’s new:


How do I launch a video library?

  1. Go to ‘Website’ in your dashboard 
  2. Click on ‘Videos’ 
  3. Click ‘Add New Library’ (in the top right corner) 
  4. Add a video name, description, and image


Next, you can decide how you want your customers to be able to access your videos. There are a few different ways:

Subscription: If you only want subscribers to be able to access this library, make sure to toggle on ‘Subscribe to view’

Pricing individual videos: If you want to add a price to your videos, select a price type (fixed, sliding scale or free) then input your price value

Once you’re done with these steps, simply click ‘Save’!


You can add videos to new or existing video libraries in three steps:

  1. Click on the library you would like to add your video to 
  2. Click on ‘Add New Video’ 
  3. Add a title, video thumbnail, description, and your youtube or vimeo link

Once you’re done with these steps, simply click ‘Save’! Your video is now successfully saved to your specific video library.

  • If you ever want to delete a full video library click on the 🗑 trash can 🗑 next to the video library you want to delete.

--- Note: You will receive a prompt that will ask you if you are sure that you want to delete the library. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.



  • You can also activate and deactivate your video libraries by clicking on the 🚫icon

Activate your library so it’s available for purchase on your website

Deactivate your library so it’s unavailable for purchase on your website but not deleted


Use your ‘View My Site’ button to experience what your customer’s will! You can play around with the order of your video libraries to make sure your page looks just the way you want it to

👀 Drag and drop your video libraries from your dashboard or when you’re in ‘Edit mode’.



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