Everything you need to get your Cloudstudios webpage up and running 🚀

Let's Get Started!

You’re just a few clicks away from finishing your Cloudstudios account setup (which means running your business is about to be 10x simpler). This checklist will help guide you on all things from set up to launch. 


(1) Create your profile

Before you add in all of your amazing services, you need to enter some information about yourself and your business. Also, you need to set up your domain so everyone can find you!



(2) Accept payments from anywhere in the world 🤑

You’ll need to decide on some basic standards for your events and customer transactions. 

(3) Create a webpage you love 🌈

Here comes the fun! Use our existing template then make it your own with your colors, logo, images, and more! 


☁️ Cloudstudios tips:

    • Don’t want every section to be on your webpage? No stress! Use the toggle button to show or hide sections from your page.
    • Don't want to input an image for every section? No problem, simply just toggle on and leave the image section blank. 
    • Want easy access to specific sections? Use the ⭐️to add a feature to your ‘Favorites’ bar. This will populate the legend in the left side of your dashboard.
  • Add your brand DNA to your webpage (Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Appearance’. Then, upload your logo (optional) and brand colors)
  • Click the ‘View your Site’ button in the top right corner of your dashboard to see your progress at any point!


(4) Schedule events

Now that you’ve created a webpage you’re proud of, start adding in events and videos.

☁️ Cloudstudios tips:

    • Hosting the same type of event multiple times? Use the recurring class feature to duplicate event types.
    • Want to offer your clients different pricing options? Choose between the Sliding Scale (pay what you can) and fixed pricing options.



(5) Upload videos

Add pre-recorded videos and let your customers watch on-demand. The more you build out your library = the more people you engage with = the more money you make 💸 

  • Launch Your Video Library (Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Features’ > ‘Videos’ > ‘Add New Library')
  • Add Videos to your library (Click on the library > 'Add New Video' > Input your details)
  • Upload your videos (Upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo first, then embed the link to your page)
    ☁️ Cloudstudios tip:
    • You can decide how you want your customers to be able to access your videos. There are a few different ways:

      Subscription: If you only want subscribers to be able to access this library, make sure to toggle on ‘Subscribe to view’

      Pricing individual videos: If you want to add a price to your videos, select a price type (fixed, sliding scale or free) then input your price value


Want to learn more? Click here

(6) Offer Subscriptions and Class Packages 

Offer a recurring subscription plan to give your customers access to video libraries (if you want) and events. This is a great way to offer more value to your clients!

  • Create a Monthly Recurring Subscription (Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Features’ > ‘Subscriptions’)

    ☁️ Cloudstudios tip:
    • You can only create 1 monthly subscription at a time. A monthly subscription allows your clients to access your open classes and video libraries of your choice. 
    • You can select the video libraries that you would like to include or exclude from your subscription


  • Create a Package (Give your clients the option to purchase multiple classes at a discounted price! Go to ‘My Website’ > ‘Features’ > ‘Packages’)

    ☁️ Cloudstudios tip:
    • You can create multiple packages for different levels of discounts. Remember! Your clients will be able to use these credits for any type of class listed on your webpage regardless of the price set.



Step 7: Off you go 🚀

We can’t wait to watch your business grow! Learn all about managing and growing your business using Cloudstudios in our Dashboard Masterclass guide. Questions? Visit our Help Center at any time for all the FAQs.


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