What is the website tool?

Manage and edit everything on your website (webpage) with the Features, Appearance, and Settings tabs!

Features 🚀

  • "Toggle" on to activate features on your website 💡
  • "Star" to add features to your left sidebar so you can easily access them ⭐️
  • "Click" to update the content in each section 👉 💻

 Tip: When you activate features (like events, links, or subscriptions), they will automatically appear on your website.

Appearance 🎨

Make your website feel like you by easily uploading images and selecting a primary colour! You’re able to upload a hero (top) image, a logo, and individual images for each section in the ‘Features’ tab. Shine bright

Settings ⚙️

Use the settings tab to adjust Currency, Time Zone, Sales Tax and URL. We know, we know, it’s the boring stuff BUT it’s super important! So make sure you pay close attention to making sure it’s perfect.

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