How do I make my videos private on my Vimeo channel?

 Make your videos private on your Vimeo channel by following these steps:

  1. If you are a Plus user or have a higher-tier paid subscription (such as Pro, Business, or Premium), go to your ‘Video Settings’ then select ‘Only people with the private link.’ You can also select this option when you’re uploading your video.
  2. Save your changes
  3. Copy the private URL then use this to send your video to the people you want to share it with! 

Note: Only people with the video link (and the people they share it with) will be able to see your video page. It will be hidden from other groups, channels, search results, and other places on through third-party search engines.

You can embed your video link into your Cloudstudios webpage through our ‘Pre-Recorded Videos’ feature. Rest assured! This link will not be visible to users when you embed it on your page.

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